The eyes, the heart is deceived, and the heart is deceived by the actions.

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Reflection By : Maikel Gobai

Article- JALAPAPUA.COM — Every human being in the world has a pair of senses that cannot be separated; Even the senses possessed by humans have been equipped with tasks and functions in pairs, however, humans have permanent advantages and disadvantages.

So that the human life cycle always experiences bankruptcy, thinking style and decadence in the style of action, this happens with the greatest possibility of abusing senses to motivation and uncertain opportunities.

Therefore, more people want to become writers on various kinds of problems related to social phenomena, but more people are still in doubt to prove it because the paradigm of writing is based on without having to know about the certainty thatactually.

Although in terms of ability and intelligence, logical thinking, humans can think

However, people who have advantages and disadvantages always experience forgetfulness so that an element of doubt and the greatest difficulty will also participate in the cycle of life, so with that, what should we do according to what we want or (think) to do it is not on target. So that our writings kill our own actions (blank)

With that, every human being requires and certainty in maturity whether it is a thinking style (style thinking), a style of action (style action) finding maturity itself.

Therefore, growing old is a certainty, becoming an adult is a choice.

Our lives as teenagers are certainly different from our lives as adults, our adult lives will also be different from our old life.

The difference lies in the way we think about how we look at things, to the way we live an ethical life and realize that we are old

What does mature mean?

Growing up is what you like, you still like it, but you can not have it; growing up is what you fear, you are still afraid, but you have the courage to face it; growing up is a heavy burden, still heavy, but you can bear it; adults are what they used to benot understood, even though you still don’t understand now, you can already accept it.

What does happiness mean? is every day enjoying this life in every lesson and process of becoming an adult.

What does wisdom mean? is to understand that everything in this world has a law; what does good attitude mean? is talking to make other people happy, doing anything to make other people touched, to be a person who will always be remembered by others.

What should you say to other people? words that give hope, words of wisdom, words that make others happy, words that build confidence in others.

We are no longer constructing fictitious words and we are not becoming conversations that do not have certainty and vision.

Hopefully this article will be useful for all of us.

Note: Based on the article above, it will be explained more clearly by Sepi Gadaby Boma. Because he is the author of a book entitled Eyes, Hearts are deceived, and Hearts are deceived by actions

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