There is a Morning Star on the stage of the finalists of Miss Nederland 2022

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Jayapura, JALAPAPUA.NEWS- One of the finalists for the beauty queen of the Netherlands and West Papua. Her name is Insalea Ap. He even showed the Morning Star flag on the stage of the Miss Netherlands 2022 election.

There were also participants holding the flags of their respective places of origin including Miss Nederlands 2022, Ona Moody of Zimbabwean-Dutch descent. he also carried the Zimbabwean flag.

Even though he did not win the title of Miss Netherlands, Insa Aap can be proud of having introduced West Papua and also the Morning Star flag at the Miss Nederlands 2022 finalist event. “I feel a lot of emotions, especially gratitude. Because I realize very well that you don’t just get this every day,” he said as quoted by on the official website of miss Nederland 2022 Finalisten 2022 – Miss Nederland

The crown of Miss Nederlands 2022, finally pinned on the head of Ona Moody, a woman of Zimbabwean – Dutch descent who was born in Amsterdam on July 29, 1997. The election for Miss Netherlands 2022 was held in the City of Hilversum, Netherlands on September 4, 2022. Ona Moody defeated nine other finalists including Insalea Ap who was bloody West Papua.

In front of a distinguished jury and a passionate audience at Studio 21 in Hilversum, he received the title, sash and crown. She will present herself as Miss Netherland next year and represent the Netherlands in the Miss Universe election. 25-year-old Ona Moody has been crowned Miss Netherland 2022.

Despite the fact that all the finalists have shown their qualities at a high level, Ona has been chosen as Miss Netherland 2022. The results were determined by a jury of 7 people with all disciplines from their profession, which consisted of William Rutten, Edsilia Rombley, Albert Verlinde, Kristina Bozilovic, Bart Ettekoven, Pernille La Lau and the chairman of the jury Monica van Ee (director of Miss Netherland and main sponsor hannah ). They saw in Ona Moody the most worthy successor to Miss, the successor to Miss Nederlands 2021 Julia Sinning.

Every year the Miss Netherland Organization holds a casting for ‘Best Jobs in the Netherlands’ and they look for “the most beautiful in the country”. Miss Netherland is not about world peace old-fashioned cliches or just looks and glamour.

It’s about brains, business, and beauty and character. The ten finalists for BeYOUtiful 2022 are strong young women, each with a mission and passion, but with one common goal: to become Miss Netherland 2022. They are between 18 and 26 years old with various backgrounds, education, talents, and social goals. “Together they are the definition of women’s empowerment,”(*)
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