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when carrying out student and community actions in front of the Uncen gate

Jayapura,, Jayapura, Wednesday 14 July 2021, Chronology of UNCEN Gathering Point Below Abepura and UNCEN Upper Waena P3.

At 7: 01 am the police arrived at the Cenderawasih University (UNCEN) TKP downstairs with 1 patience car, 1 water sprayer and 1 triton car.

The mob arrived at the TKP at 8:12 am at Cenderawasih University (UNCEN) Under the leadership of Gerson Pigai, started giving speeches TNI/POLRI hilux also appeared from behind with full attributes. At 8:35 there was a negotiation between the police and students. At 8: 48 masses of action began to sit down, officers began to increase
there was a conflict between the police with the action period at 8:55 the situation heated up.

Time to be forced to resign by the authorities
There was a beating against time
At 8:57 Corrupt and some were forcibly arrested At 9:03 Corrupt and several others were arrested and brought to Mapolsek
Other mass demonstrations were forced to disperse by the authorities.

At 9:10 the mass of action finally resigned and dispersed
The police car entered the campus yard just in case.

After that a few days later the DPRP Commission A for Law and Human Rights in the case of Brother Laurenzus Kadepa arrived at FKIP UNCEN and immediately at 10:30 WP.

Then the statement was read directly by one of the Coordinators, Alfa Hisage, who was also accompanied by the Chairman of the UNCEN BEM (Yops Italay).

The statement of attitude was submitted by the General Chairperson of the UNCEN BEM, and the direct aspirations of the Papuan DPR related institutions.

Names Who Can Be Arrested at UNCEN Under ABEPURA and UNCEN ABOVE WAENA P3 Peace Action Rejection of Special Autonomy Volume II, on Wednesday July 14 2021
08.15 Wp. The top Uncen was disbanded and at 09. 10 WP Uncen Bring Abe Disbanded Forcibly by the TNI/Police.

Which Can Hold Among
* In Uncen Bring:
1. Gerson pigai
2. Yabet Dekei
3. Maikel pekei
4. Engel you
5. Doni Pekei
6. Fredi Tekege
7. OlisoPakage
8. Jackson Adii
9. Harun Pigai
10. Martinus Keiya
11. Julius Tekege.

* chronologically that can be hit in Bawa Abe’s uncen:
1. Abniel Doo can be hit on the head of Leaking Blood, fingers.
2. Amandus Pokuai can be hit in the Left Hand.
3. Leo Pekei can be hit in the head.
4. Doni Pekei can be hit on the head
5. Olison Pakage can be hit on the head

What can be caught at Uncen on Waena include:
1. Christian Kobak
2. Venus bro
3. Melky Asso
4. Manu Iyaba
5. Octovian Gobai
6. Yarius Yando
7. Aminas Heluka
8. Eddie Payage.

Items That Can Be Taken by the TNI / POLRI Uncen above and Uncen Bring.
1. Cellphone 1 Piece
2. Megaphone 2 pieces
3. Baleho and Action Pamphlet.

Source of Info: Action Corps
Alfa Hisage and Yosep Mote Minutes of UNCEN Below.

Report: apniel doo

Translate/editor: hans piet gobai

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